Own Boat Tuition – Sail or Power

Own Boat Tuition – Sail or Power

Own Boat Tuition – Sail or Power

Yachtmaster Sailing School offers instruction on your own boat. Our instructors have significant experience of a wide range of yachts and they will soon build your confidence and maximise your enjoyment on the water. Available all year round, demand is high among skippers for the skills to be able to use their boat safely and to its full potential.

We have various options available:

Marina boat handling

New skipper/owner training

Crew/Race training

Full or half day boat handling

Specially designed for your needs

All training is conducted by an experienced RYA instructor onboard your own boat, so please call or email Yachtmaster Sailing School to discuss dates that are suitable for you.

Marina Boat Handling
With training and some practice, you can impress with your boat handling skills. Learn to resolve that difficult berthing situation and handle your boat with confidence and skill.

New Skipper/Owner Training
Specially designed for the needs of a new skipper/owner of a yacht. Our qualified instructors will guide you through the early stages of ownership enabling you to expand your abilities in a safe environment and to use your boat to its full potential.

Crew/Race Training
We train your crew on your boat to be competitive and maybe even win. Ideally for those skippers and crew who want specialised training to enable them to compete in major inshore or offshore races. We will train your crew to get the best performance out of each job. Rotating crew and positions enable each member to understand and experience every job under the interaction required by a racing crew with professional tuition.


Starting procedures

Basic racing rules

Spinnaker sets, drops, gybes

Sail setting for maximum performance

Racing tactics

Training goals

Specific programs your boat

Full or Half Day Boat Handling
Our full or half day boat handling courses are perfect for owners who require coaching in specific areas or who want to brush up on competencies and knowledge that is rusty or who wish to fine tune their abilities.

Some areas of instruction worth considering may include: boat handling, spinnaker sets, drops and gybes, marina boat handling, passage making, pilotage, anchoring or picking up a mooring buoy.

Specially Designed For Your Needs
Yachtmaster Sailing School can design an instructional package to suit your individual needs. Please call to discuss your requirements.

When is this training held and how much does it cost?
This training is by arrangement. Please call on (03) 9699 9425 to determine your needs and discuss costs.