Yachtmaster Quiz RYA magazine Summer 2020 Questions

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Our first Yachtmaster Quiz copied directly the from RYA magazine Summer 2020. This
magazine is free and one of the many benefits you receive when you join the RYA.

Yachtmaster Quiz – Summer 2020 – Questions

1. When trying to clear a riding turn from a winch, what is likely to be the best knot, bend or hitch to take the load off the working end of the line?

2. What is ‘tinned wire’ used for?

3. Why should diesel tanks be kept reasonably well topped up?

4. What is achieved by washing or soaking sheets and halyards in fresh water on a regular basis?

5. Name three settings for a radar screen orientation.

6. When stowing wooden bungs on board for use in an emergency, what is good practice?

7. In the context of a hurricane, cyclone or TRS, what does the term ‘dangerous semicircle’ refer to?

8. What does the term ‘bunkering’ refer to?

9. When trimming a headsail, what effect will moving the jib car aft have, and when might this be done?

10. At sea at night you spot a vessel displaying an all-round red light over an all-round green light. What does this indicate?

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