Where to Start

Where do I start?

In order to help you find an approximate starting point for your sailing, take this quick questionnaire. Your logged miles and experience will determine which course is right for you, this questionnaire is only a guide.

You can enter the Yachtmaster scheme at any level but if you enter above your level of knowledge you will struggle. Prior learning or prior experience is recognised.

Previous experience necessary

Day Skipper Theory Bridging: Must have completed a Coastal Navigation course

Day Skipper Practical: a minimum sea time of 5 days sailing, 100 miles, 4 night hours plus knowledge up to Day Skipper Theory.

Yachtmaster Theory: Must be a qualified Day Skipper or have equivalent experience.

Coastal Skipper: Completed RYA Yachtmaster Theory and have practical ability to Day Skipper level 15 days on board (2 days as skipper), 300 miles, 8 night hours and hold a VHF Radio Operator’s Certificate.

Preparation for Exam: To take the RYA Yachtmaster exam must hold a Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate, a current Senior First Aid Certificate and a minimum sea time of 50 days, 5 days as skipper, 2500 miles, 5 passages over 60 miles, including 2 over night and 2 as skipper. Remember that the examination is essentially a test of ability to take charge of a yacht, so your experience as skipper is most important.