Yachtmaster Quiz RYA magazine Summer 2020 Answers

Yachtmaster Quiz – Summer 2020 – Answers

1. A rolling hitch

2. Electrical wiring in a marine environment. Tinned wire has a protective coating that’s applied to the copper to reduce the likelihood of corrosion caused by saltwater.

3. Keeping diesel tanks reasonably full reduces the amount of oxygen in contact with the diesel, as well as minimising condensation in the tank which in turn assists in deterring the growth of diesel algae.

4. This helps to break down and remove salt, which increases the life expectancy of the lines as well as making them more flexible and easier to handle.

5. Head Up, North Up and Course Up

6. Secure a bung either with tape or cord to each of the skin fittings they’re intended to be used for, to ensure the bung is accessible in the event of an emergency.

7. The part of the low-pressure system where the winds will be strongest because the speed of the system adds to the rotational wind speed.

8. Taking on fuel and water

9. This will tend to flatten the sail and would normally be done when beating upwind.

10. A sailing vessel.

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